Monday, 27 March 2017

Syrian refugee classification is welcome but more help is needed for them

Syrians who have fled their country following the crisis are now being officially recognised by the government as refugees. Whilst this is a welcome move and demonstrates the UK government’s commitment to resettling and integrating Syrians who are fleeing war and destruction it is only the start and there are other issues to keep in mind.

The Syrian people are active and want to engage with society. From working closely with hundreds of Syrians within the Yorkshire region (being the region that has received the most) more needs to be done to ensure the Syrian refugees are offered training—be it vocational or academic—so they can be properly integrated into the work force. The strongest way to make a positive impact within the community is by working and helping it grow so schemes such as this will also help refugees who may have gone a while without work and help boost their morale. Ultimately, this is beneficial for the state and society as a whole as more workers stimulate the economy. To achieve this, more provisions in terms of language classes and basic awareness of the education and health systems within the UK would be beneficial.

In the long run, whilst the government helping refugees at home should be encouraged it is not a sustainable solution for the conflict. As long as Assad remains in power the Syrian conflict will continue and it is difficult to envisage an end. Most Syrians aspire to return home one day in the future so bringing an end to the conflict and a stable post Assad, post ISIS Syria, must be regarded as the end goal and the overarching aim for the UK government.

Zaki Kaf Al-Ghazal
LLM International Law University of Leeds
Media Coordinator, Syrian Association of Yorkshire